Edtech Website

UX/UI Designer - Freelance Contract


Amulya Jonnala

Client requirement:

Web design for an edtech website that is on a mission to revolutionize learning for now and forever. A new global edtech platform in the making.

My Role:

UX/UI Designer


August 2022

edtech website designs
edtech website designs
What I did:

I designed a responsive web page that suits the client's requirements. The initial wireframes determined the structure of the Eduspace website and depicts the user flow between various available workshops. After the low-fidelity wireframes were approved, I started working on the Visual Design for the website. I used Adobe XD for the low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes.

Tool Used:
Client Details
Akhil Jonnavithula

I was looking for a UI/UX designer for my side hustle project and found Amulya on LinkedIn. I was impressed by her portfolio and gave a contract to her, to design the UI/UX of my project's website. She did a great job in understanding the requirement specifications and completed the project in a very quick time. Throughout the process, I found her to be creative and completely involved with the project. Her inputs during the design process were fantastic and I am sure she would be a great addition to any team! I recommend her strongly without any second thought.

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