Adobe XD Creative Challenge

Focused on Interaction Design

Amulya Jonnala

Tools used:
adobe xd
adobe xd




User Onboarding

Design the loading screen, onboarding experience and home page for a fitness app. As you work, focus on layout and balance.

Emoji Maker

Use Lottie animations and component states to create your own emoji card maker.

Inclusive Dating App

Consider inclusive copy & imagery when creating a profile screen for a dating site.

Loading Animations

Give your website some visual interest and energy by creating dynamic loading animations.

Wearable Technology VUI

Design a few critical screens for a futuristic health app on a smartwatch using voice commands.

Vintage Menu

Combine typography and black and white imagery to create a vintage website, inspired by diner menus of the past.

Video Editing in Adobe XD

Video editing or trimming and stringing clips together in Adobe XD.

Look at all the interaction designs I've made during the Adobe XD Creative Challenge on my Behance account.