Crafter - Product Design

Product Designer for Crafter

Amulya Jonnala


January 2022 - February 2022

My Role:

Product Designer

Collaborated with:
Gayathri Gorrepati (Junior Product Designer)
Product Overview:

The mobile application is for artists where they can collaborate with other artists, display their artworks using a portfolio, connect with professionals, get job alerts and recommendations. 

The web application is focused on the studio where they can hire talents, perform portfolio screening, shortlist candidates, connect with them, connect with all other crew members working on the project, schedule auditions, decisions making on the selected candidates, and make an offer.

What we did:
crafter mockup
crafter mockup

We created the minimum viable product for Crafter Inc. The start-up followed the Lean UX methodology to reduce the length of time spent on product development cycles. We started working on the Web Application that lets users communicate through direct messages or be part of a group/channel.

The MVP had two versions: a mobile application & a web application. I was responsible for designing the Mobile App and creating the prototype. Gayatri was responsible for designing the wireframe & create a clickable prototype of the Web App. We shared constant feedback with each other and improved our designs together. The designs are ready and the company is in the process of client acquisition.

Tools used:
Mobile Application Prototype
Web Application Prototype