Pie Day: Prototype Challenge

Create your own E-Commerce app. This is a challenge conducted by ProtoPie x Design Buddies

Amulya Jonnala

Tools Used:
Adobe XD logo
Adobe XD logo


Protopie logo
Protopie logo


I have designed an e-commerce app with Adobe XD & created the prototype with ProtoPie. The app allows users to buy comic-related products.

Day 1 - Splash Screen for an e-commerce app

Day 2 - Onboarding screen to let users customize their search/shopping experience

Day 3 - Permissions: tell your users why you need permission

Day 4 - Home Screen

Day 5 & 6 - Product Page & Promotion Pop-up

Day 7,8 & 9 - Add to Cart, Checkout & Rate this App screens

You can see the complete user flow I created here:

You can see the prototype video(s) for each challenge here.

Try out the prototype here: