Avocademy Designathon

A week-long challenge between May 16, 2022 - May 22, 2022

Amulya Jonnala

The Challenge:

The participants were prompted to create a solution for UX problems within FinTech, Web3 and Metaverse. The instructions were to prepare a 3-5-minute pitch (MAX) that summarizes the problem we’re tackling, walk through our solution, explain the process of coming to this solution, including any research and/or testing we may have done, and walks through our final design solution/prototype.

Our Pick:

The web3 Challenge: How might we improve the accessibility/education of Web3 projects? Intro to Web3 here. More on Web3 challenges here.

My Role:

UI/UX Designer

Product Overview:

NFTVault is an application which allows people to learn and share their knowledge about NFTs. The app includes articles, and videos as well as a community where people can learn from each other.

The goal is to encourage sharing and gaining knowledge from each other and as a result, make information about NFT more and more accessible.

Collaborated with:
Smriti Pathak photo
Smriti Pathak photo
Smriti Pathak
(Junior User Researcher)

During our hackathon project, Amulya was a great partner. She was very understanding and knew how to handle pressure. Her ability to take into consideration all the ideas that we discussed and come up with a good UI in a small time frame was impressive.

Tools used:

User Flow


Flow Based on Expertise/Experience

User Research

User Insights

Our Submission