About Me.

I love to create innovative solutions that improve the lives of others. I'm enthusiastic about learning new techniques and skills. I want to be part of a diverse team where honest feedback is exchanged and appreciated.

I love experimenting and exploring new things in life. I've tried my hand at photography, photo editing, video editing and creating some animations. I'm currently experimenting with different pour-over methods. Occassionaly, I write about UX Design that frustrates me as a user.

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You can see my personality type here.

visionary creative type
Reading Books

I am capable of editing images in Photoshop and processing images in Lightroom Classic. I can also create short videos and edit them with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects. I am able to create basic animations with the help of Adobe Animate.

photography skills illustration

Photos taken by me and processed in Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Lightroom. I have tried different types of photography including Product Photography and Pet Photography.

Video Editing

Timelapse Video

I have created a timelapse and a hyper-lapse video with the help of Adobe After Effects.

Video Edits

I have edited this video and added captions with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro.


I have created a few animations with the help of Adobe Animate.